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My first comic journal entry. Time consuming but fun! Thanks Ryan Andrews for your inspiration! The rest of my comic stuff will be posted exclusively on my comic tumblr (www.josh-powers.com). Hopefully I’ll get time to post on this blog as well.

22 May, 2012 - Tuesday, 6:00 PM

Today’s devotional from Oswald Chambers’s “My Utmost for His Highest” talks about John 17. Here is the big idea I took from it: God does not answer prayers in the direction of our comfort, gratification, or immediate happiness. God answers prayers in the direction of bringing us closer to Himself, which is our ultimate happiness.

6 May, 2012 - Sunday, 2:30 AM.

I just finished this¬†online¬†graphic novel: “Great” by Ryan Armand. Good read. And now, I’m craving ramen. (You will understand if you read). It’s past 2 in the morning on a Sunday morning. I hope I manage to wake up for church tomorrow. If not, everyone will know it was for the awesome reason that I was reading an epic online comic book about a man who decides to become the greatest Ramen chef in the world. Yup.

Also, I completely forgot about Cinco de Mayo until it was over, which means I forgot about a Driftwood concert that occurred nearby. Mucho Suckage.